Courses that I am currently teaching at TCD (2017-2018) (click the links for the course syllabus):

PO3730. Public Opinion and Political Participation

PO3730 Tutorial reading list for Michaelmas term

PO4770. Political Psychology 


Courses I previously taught include:

INRL 101. History of Civilizations (Yasar University)

INRL 305. Research Methods in International Relations (Yasar University)

INRL 352. Turkish Politics (Yasar University)

INRL 503. Research Methods in International Relations (M.A. Level, Yasar University)

POL 102. Introduction to American Government (Stony Brook University)

POL 103. Introduction to Comparative Politics (Stony Brook University)

POL 201. Statistical Methods for Social Sciences (Stony Brook University)

POL 372. Politics in the Third World (Stony Brook University)

Syllabi and sources for courses are available upon request.